The ABCs of Proper Grip

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by: Coach Nelson Asuncion

Good day my badminton players. Welcome to your first day of training.

If you wish to be a good badminton player, it is very important that you know all the basics. If you start playing with good fundamentals, you will find it easy to learn more complicated moves. In badminton, as in all sports, muscle memory is the key. If you start using improper moves, then those can easily become bad habits.

Perhaps the most basic in badminton is the proper grip. Afterall, the racket is your extension. And a good, comfortable grip is the start of your successful badminton career.

So take a hold of your racket and follow these steps:

Step 1: Hold the racket handle with your thumb and forefinger

Step 2: Slowly close your three other fingers around the racket handle

IMPORTANT: Never grip the handle too tightly. There must be a space between your palm and the handle.

– Hold the racket with the side of your thumb touching the handle.
– Hold the racket at the middle of the handle. By doing so, you can easily move your racket without the base of the handle hitting your wrist.
– You are using the proper grip if the side edge of the racket frame is pointing towards the ground and a straight line is formed your arm down to the racket.

– Do not press your thumb against the handle.
– Don’t hold the racket at the uppermost part of the handle. This will constrict your wrist movement and may even cause injuries.
– You are using the wring grip if the face of the racket is pointing towards the ground and your arm does not form a straight line with the racket.

Practice the proper grip on and off the court. Once you get used to it, gripping the racket the proper way will be second nature to you.

Remember, perfect practice makes perfect!

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