Asuncion Badminton Center (ABC) is a training center for anyone who may want to learn the proper way to play badminton and avoid injury. At the lower end of the spectrum, there are short-term programs for recreational players. These are designed for people who will not really join formal competition, but just wish to enjoy badminton as a recreational sport or social game.

Skill levels vary, with programs for beginners, as well as programs for those who wish to move up to a higher level of non-elite play.

However, there are programs for elite players. These are intended for the serious players who aspire to compete in both the national and international competitions.. Such elite programs cover more than just court play and physical conditioning. Aspects such as psychological preparation, personality development is also considered.

Outside of the peak training hours, the court is available for the use to outsiders. This gives non-elite or recreational players the chance to experience the “softest” surface badminton court in Manila and reap the benefits of comfort to the knees and ankle after each game.

Interested players can call ABC at 725-25-68 and ask for Khristy regarding badminton court schedules.