Valle Verde Badminton Youth Team

Mr. Nelson A. Asuncion was a national player in the Philippine badminton team of the 1970’s and 1980’s. He went on to become the founding Head Coach of the Valle Verde Badminton Team (VVBT) On 1983 Oct. 9 (Sun) it is on this day that Mr. Nelson A. Asuncion officially accepted the offer to be the head coach of Valle Verde Badminton Team (VVBT) to the late Pocholo Ramirez manager of the Valle Verde Country Club (VVCC) together with some badminton parents of the VVCC members after a surprise birthday dinner party for Coach Nelson.

The composition of Valle Verde Badminton Youth Team (VVBYT) must be member or a dependent of the club to be part of the team. The kids all trained for free under the master coach Nelson. To cover the training expenses like to courts fee, shuttlecocks, uniform, equipment and Coach Nelson single handedly looked for friends and eventually some companies to help the team. Everyone have a chance to join the VVBYT but he have strict guidelines to follow. He is known that discipline was never compromised. Which VVBT became the best-know club in local youth competition. Under then Frist Lady Mrs. Amelita “Ming” Ramos, Asuncion served as Head Coach of both the Men’s and Ladies’ National Team. During his tenure, Coach Nelson established several record “first” for the badminton with accomplishments to mention some:

In 1985, Valle Verde Badminton Team first training trip at Fuzhou China for 6 weeks sponsored by Mr. Lucio Tan of Beer Hausen. Players namely Ricky Morales, Naresh Ramnani, Jacques Zailcita, Martin Fernandez, Gerrald Regino, Amparo Lim, Jeanette Villanueva, Sandy Prieto, and Head Coach Mr. Nelson Asuncion.

In 1985, the Philippines clinched the first girls’ team at “The Asian Youth Invitational Championships” in Hong Kong. Girls’ team composed of Valle Verde youth players namely Amparo Lim, Alexandra Prieto, Jeanette Villanueva and Irene Viola. (July 23 – 31)

In 1986, November 14 – 21 the first Asian Youth Badminton Invitational Tournament was hosted and stages at Valle Verde Country Club officially open by Gen. Fidel V. Ramos the president of Philippine Badminton Association (PBA). (the first sports that brought Fuzhou, China and Taiwan badminton players played together in one tournament, with Hong Kong and three Philippine Teams). It’s a team and an individual events for the Philippine players to home their hone skill for four years.

1992 Ms. Erika Von Heiland a VVBT’s player qualify in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Spain. Unfortunately, she moved and represented U.S. for that year.

In 1995 Amelita “Ming” Ramos Invitational Badminton Tournament were organized by Valle Verde Country Club and Filipino-Chinese Amateur Athletic Federartion (FCAAF) With 27 local and international teams/clubs participated a total of 490 entries. (February 1-5, 1995).

1995 Arafura Sports Festival – Darwin, Australia
RP’s Team presented by Valle Verde Badminton Team that have won four (4) Gold, three (3) Silver and two (2) Bronze a attributed the victory to the support of First Lady Amelita “Ming” Ramos, the new Philippine Badminton Association president. (May 6 – 13, 1995)

In 1996 in Perth, Australian International Badminton Championships Amparo and Kennie Asuncion gather a gold medals and Amparo Lim a bronze medals in singles. (September 2 – 6, 1996)

In the 1996 the official Philippine delegate to the Atlanta Olympics was Amparo Lim player and badminton head coach Nelson Asuncion who represented the country at the Atlanta Games.

In 1997, the Asian Junior Badminton Championships (AJBC), held in Manila from April 7 to 13. Kennevic “Vic” Asuncion reaches quarter-finals and lost to Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia) 8 -15, 15 -7, 4 – 15

In the 1997 three-star Vietnam Open (IBF star event), Amparo Lim and Kennie Asuncion were the first Philippine entry (women’s doubles) to reach quarterfinals.

In the 1997 the 19th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games – Jakarta Amparo Lim and Kennie Asuncion won the first bronze medal in the individual event of the woman’s doubles. (October 12 – 18, 1997)

In the 1997 19th SEA Games – Jakarta, the Philippine won its first and only team victory over an original ASEAN country till this year 2012. Philippines upset Singapore, 3-2, in the men’s team event and clinched second runner-up in the men’s team event. Team members were: Melvin Llanes, Ian Piencenaves, Kennevic “Vic” Asuncion, Jaime Llanes, Arolas Amahit, Rhamir Antonio, and ad hoc team Anthony Ave and Naresh Ramnani. Head Coach Nelson Asuncion assistance coaches Jojo Mance Jr. and Frederico Ferrer. (October 12 – 18)

In 2000 the first badminton tournament was held inside the Mall (Glorietta) with badminton clinic and fun games in the morning. Tournament started one pm to eight pm in the evening. This was the brainchild of coach Nelson Asuncion. To bring the badminton closer to the people not the people to badminton in promoting sport. Thanks to celebrity Richard Gomez, Rod Nepomuceno (IMG) and the sponsor Sustagen Premium. (follow by JVC in 2001- 2006).

In the 2001 Bangkok Open, Kennevic “VIC” Asuncion became the first bronze medalist in the men’s singles and mixed doubles.

In 2002, Kennevic “Vic” Asuncion the first silver medal in the Philippine Badminton on the 11th Asian University Games for the men’s singles individual event held at the Ateneo de Manila.

In the 2002 Canada Open in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kennevic “Vic” and Kennie Asuncion were the first Philippine badminton bronze medalists in both men’s singles and mixed doubles events.

In the 2002 US Open in Orange County, California, Kennie Asuncion and Amparo Lim took the first bronze medal for the Philippines in the women’s doubles event.

In 2003 13th World Championships in Birmingham, Kennevic “Vic” and Kennie Asuncion were the first Philippine team members to qualify and participate in both men’s singles and mixed doubles individual events. In singles Kennevic was able to pulled off a stir upset victory over bet Andrew Smith (Denmark) ranked 37 in the world to land in round 16.

In 2003 the 22nd Southeast Asian Games (Sea Games) in Vietnam Kennevic “Vic” and Kennie Asuncion won another bronze medals for the country (the second medals from Kennie Asuncion) December 6 – 12.