ABC has two (2) courts on the 1st floor, with a waiting area on the left side, while on the right side is its weights area. On the 2nd floor are six (6) international standard courts, on the right side is the bleachers with a capacity for 80 pax. At the extreme right side is the stair leading to 3rd and 4th floor to the player’s quarters. 5th floor is a Terrace for a 25 pax a gathering area that has a built in barbeque griller.

Also seen on the second floor is the main office followed by the pro-shop and next is another waiting area with TV and magazine stand available for everyone to enjoy.

The locker/ shower rooms could be found on the lower floor of the opposite side from where you entered (Ladies on the right and Mens room on the left side). Above 3rd floor is where the Conference room is located while on the 4th floor is the VIP quest room.

“Sprung Wood” Surface

The guidelines or standard good courts require the use of approved rubber mats on a “sprung wood” surface. The ABC courts followed these specifications. “Sprung wood” literally means “wood that springs”, The result is a very “soft” playing surface. This is especially important to competitive youth players, who are still in the formative stage of physical development, yet are looking forward to several years of intense competitive play. This is equally important for older recreational players, whose bodies are no longer as fit as they were many years ago!


ABC as Events Place

The court can also be used as an events place. The six-court second floor can be converted into a venue where your special occasions can be celebrated. The images below are samples of the stage and guests area of the court.