The Emergency Man Goes On Court

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Arnold Clavio’s might be the first face we see on the television in the morning, and the last one at night.

This hardworking kapuso reports at the GMA Center before 5am, Monday to Friday for his early morning show Unang Hirit. Then at around 11pm, he on-cams again for the live nightly news Saksi. In between his two live daily shows, he tapes for Emergency, writes his articles for his regular newspaper columns, attends to his foundation, plays husband and father, and yes, plays badminton. The question begs to be asked.How does he do it?

“Kailangan,” he says. “Health is the most important thing. Kung titigilan kong mag badminton, sandali nyo na lang ako mapapanood.” He adds that a tight schedule should not be an excuse not to play badminton or engage in physical activities.

While he jokingly talks about mortality, he is very serious about his health. Having been diagnosed with diabetes four years ago, he felt the need for more and better exercise. He does play other sports like basketball, golf, bowling and billiards, but according to him, “kulang pa.”

So when his colleagues at GMA asked him to join their badminton games five years ago, he was instantly hooked. Badminton gives him the exercise he needs, the camaraderie he enjoys and the high he craves for.

At the peak of his addiction to the sport, he played three times a week, sometimes even on Saturdays. He even built his own badminton center with friends. He also organized several badminton tournaments for the benefit of his Igan foundation.

Currently, he plays twice a week at the Power-Up Badminton Center with friends. He plays competitively but with a lot of fun. “Masarap yung kantyawan. Pero siempre, masarap ding manalo,” he says. He adds that he has been practicing his cross court drop shot.

Our favorite Igan will be a mainstay in badminton. He says it is something he will always find time to do. Thanks to the sport, his diabetes is under control, his sugar level is manageable and his adrenalin continues to be on a high.

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